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Sep 20 - More pictures have been posted. Visit our 2009 Gallery for details.

Sep 19 - Pictures taken by Blevin Enterprises have now been posted. Visit the Blevin Enterprises website for them.

Sep 12 - Pictures taken by trackside photographer Elizabeth Somers are available for purchase on her website. Please visit and order your images today!

Sep 7 - Thanks to everyone who attended the 2009 Redline Rendezvous. We hope to see you out again next year.

Another Rendezvous Has Come...and Gone


2009 Gallery coming soon!

The folks at Track Guys LLC will be partnering up with us for the 2009 Redline Rendezvous.Thanks to everyone who attended the 2009 Track Guys Redline Rendezvous. We hope you had a lot of fun realizing your driving potential on the Grand Prix Track at the historic Mosport International Raceway.

This year's event would not have been possible without the generous support of our event sponsors: Dixie Ford, Steeda Autosports, Garmin, Nitto Tires, and Blevin Enterprises .

*UPDATE: Initial pictures gathered from the weekend have now been posted in our 2009 Gallery. Thanks to everyone who already shared their pictures with us. If you have any pictures you'd like to share with us, please email high-resolution shots to

Action pictures taken by trackside photographer Elizabeth Somers are available on her website for purchase. Pleaes visit and order your images today.

Pictures are also available through event sponsor, Blevin Enterprises.

In the meantime, be sure to provide any event feedback or suggestions to Track Guys.



SVTOA - Ford Special Vehicle Team Owners Association

The Special Vehicle Team Owners Association (SVTOA) is "dedicated to the enjoyment, care and history of all SVT vehicles produced by Ford Motor Company." With an organization led by passionate enthusiasts across North America, SVTOA is an place open to anyone with a passion for high-performance Ford SVT vehicles.

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About Track Guys

Track Guys

Track Guys is a vision of a fun, but highly educational performance driving events. Jeff Lacina and Todd Zikas have attended and instructed for many car clubs and organizations over the years. On a late-night, caffeine-laced drive back from Road America, Lacina and Zikas both decided, “Hey, let’s start our OWN program!”

Track Guys is serious about fun...but we are also serious about education. Not only teaching the “theory” of performance driving, but also taking that “in car”, lap after lap... hour after hour...working with a wide range of students.

For more information on Track Guys, please visit the Track Guys website.

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